Sunday, April 1, 2012

Running...what running?

Monday, March 19-  I didn't do anything at all Mon or Tues.  Just too busy I guess.  Wednesday, went to jump/tramp place in Provo for YM.  I did the Bball game on the tramp and got a good workout playing against K. Beeston and Brad Simmons. 
Thursday- played Bball.  Friday- nothing.  was sore so went to Dr. to get checked out.  On med's.
Saturday- Did miles

Monday March 26- 5 miles (night run to dirt track).
Tuesday- nothing   Wednes- weights/core for 1 hour.  Also, played football and fresbie football for an hour with YM.  Guessing ran (sprints- good interval training) 2 miles.
Thurs- Ran  5 miles (night run to dirt track).  Weather's getting better, so can do night runs.
Friday- 40 min core/weights followed by 15 min of spinning on bike at Rec.
Sat- Did longest run of season.... 17 miles.  slow pace of about 11 min/mile, but felt okay-- sore afterwards of course.  Got up at 6:30 to do it....

Lace 'em up! Chainsaw