Monday, February 20, 2012

sicko- no, not me

Well... not only was I still fighting the head junk, but Havyn was sick most of the week...the kind where she stayed up all night not sleeping...coughing and feeling not well.

I believe it was Sunday night that she didn't sleep and I was up with her... did a partial day at work and came home early to be with her on Monday.  Stayed home with her all day Tuesday and Suzette stayed home on Wednesday.  So the week didn't start off well with training.

Monday, Feb 13- nutt'n  Tuesday- nutt'n
Wednesday, 5 miles at track (while Lex was a Bball practice).  Mod pace.
Thursday- racquetball for 1 1/2 hrs with friends.  We'll call it cross training...
Friday- 1 hr. core/strength/weights at rec center.
Saturday- Did 12 mile long run... pace, not the best at 10:45.  But finished and felt pretty good after.  I feel okay about the pace as I'm just in my base building phase.  I'll work on picking up the speed/pace later; after I've dropped about 10 pounds.  I think I need to do some hill work- both running hills and walking them.  Oh yeah, saw 14 deer at 3:30ish on the side of the hill under the water tanks/above the cemetary.  So unexpected deer count!

Went to lunch on Friday with Paul K. who is also doing the Wasatch 100.  He's been able to keep up the miles pretty well since Squaw Peak.  He's signed up for Zions 100 in May... he might drop to 50 though.  He's also possibly going to run the Antelope Island 50 mile (or 50k) next month.  He ran 26 on Saturday... he said his hip has been bothering a little bit lately.  He's running mostly in the foothills...even in the snow; like I was doing last year (this year, not so much).

Lace 'em up!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Of course I would get re-motivated after getting into Wasatch 100.  So, here's how the week went:

Monday, Feb 6-  Core/lift/stairs 60 min.  So, between some sets, I would run some stairs at the rec... would run up and down about 10 stairs, five times for a total of about 50 stairs.  Did the 50 stairs about 5 times.  Should help with the Wasatch mountains/elevation gain... (I hope).

Tues & Wednesday- Sick... head crap- sucks

Thurs- 40 min lift/core, ran 2 miles on indoor track

Friday- Ran 5.25 in hills (mod pace).  Did this after work- GREAT weather!  Did part of the alternate Squaw Peak race from Rock Canyon over past Y mountain.  Hit mud, snow, and ice.  But was great to run on trails again.

Saturday- 6 miles on road (moderate pace).  Still had the head junk on Fri and Sat, but not bad enough not to run.  Also, Lexy had a Bball game... she did awesome! Rebounds galore and made 10-12 baskets.

Lace 'em up! Chainsaw

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Let me skip to Saturday... goofing off... I mean shopping at Kohl's with Dave and Risa and Suzette, while I traveled via a store wheelchair.  Well, I jumped right out of that chair went I got a text from a fellow Ultrarunning friend Paul Killpack "We're in the 100!".  I'm sure any passing shoppers were thinking 'It's a miracle..he can walk'.  Or more likely 'look at that immature fool'.  Either way.... I got my golden ticket to the WASATCH 100 in August!
Here's my training for this past week:
Monday, Jan 30-  lift/core 35 min.  2 mile run indoor track.
Tuesday, Jan 31-  lift/core 40 minutes
Wednesday, Feb 1- took lexi to Bball practice at Orem Jr. so I ran 4 miles while waiting... It was dark and cold.
Also, went to a dance studio after this for YM/YW and did some more cardio via dancing... and I suck at dancing.
Thursday, Feb 2-  Nothing...took day off.  didn't have enough time after work, but I had wanted to... went with Kynia to the BYU Bball game versus Gonzaga.
Friday, Feb 3-  core/lift 40 min followed by a 2 mile run on indoor track.
Saturday, Feb 4-  Ran 10 miles outside on the roads.  It was a little cold and windy, but the sun was shining so I was warm once I started running.  Probably averaged just over 10 min per mile.  At this point, I'm just trying to slowly increase my long runs but take it easy on them.  Plenty of time to work on speed later.  Felt good afterwords with just slight muscle soreness.  Ate dinner at Chili's with Dave/Risa/Suzy-- was good!
Oh yeah.... did I mention that Saturday night, I found out I'm doing Wasatch 100!?!?!?!

Lace 'em up!