Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Of course I would get re-motivated after getting into Wasatch 100.  So, here's how the week went:

Monday, Feb 6-  Core/lift/stairs 60 min.  So, between some sets, I would run some stairs at the rec... would run up and down about 10 stairs, five times for a total of about 50 stairs.  Did the 50 stairs about 5 times.  Should help with the Wasatch mountains/elevation gain... (I hope).

Tues & Wednesday- Sick... head crap- sucks

Thurs- 40 min lift/core, ran 2 miles on indoor track

Friday- Ran 5.25 in hills (mod pace).  Did this after work- GREAT weather!  Did part of the alternate Squaw Peak race from Rock Canyon over past Y mountain.  Hit mud, snow, and ice.  But was great to run on trails again.

Saturday- 6 miles on road (moderate pace).  Still had the head junk on Fri and Sat, but not bad enough not to run.  Also, Lexy had a Bball game... she did awesome! Rebounds galore and made 10-12 baskets.

Lace 'em up! Chainsaw

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