Sunday, February 5, 2012


Let me skip to Saturday... goofing off... I mean shopping at Kohl's with Dave and Risa and Suzette, while I traveled via a store wheelchair.  Well, I jumped right out of that chair went I got a text from a fellow Ultrarunning friend Paul Killpack "We're in the 100!".  I'm sure any passing shoppers were thinking 'It's a miracle..he can walk'.  Or more likely 'look at that immature fool'.  Either way.... I got my golden ticket to the WASATCH 100 in August!
Here's my training for this past week:
Monday, Jan 30-  lift/core 35 min.  2 mile run indoor track.
Tuesday, Jan 31-  lift/core 40 minutes
Wednesday, Feb 1- took lexi to Bball practice at Orem Jr. so I ran 4 miles while waiting... It was dark and cold.
Also, went to a dance studio after this for YM/YW and did some more cardio via dancing... and I suck at dancing.
Thursday, Feb 2-  Nothing...took day off.  didn't have enough time after work, but I had wanted to... went with Kynia to the BYU Bball game versus Gonzaga.
Friday, Feb 3-  core/lift 40 min followed by a 2 mile run on indoor track.
Saturday, Feb 4-  Ran 10 miles outside on the roads.  It was a little cold and windy, but the sun was shining so I was warm once I started running.  Probably averaged just over 10 min per mile.  At this point, I'm just trying to slowly increase my long runs but take it easy on them.  Plenty of time to work on speed later.  Felt good afterwords with just slight muscle soreness.  Ate dinner at Chili's with Dave/Risa/Suzy-- was good!
Oh yeah.... did I mention that Saturday night, I found out I'm doing Wasatch 100!?!?!?!

Lace 'em up!

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