Sunday, January 29, 2012

Forget starting new

So, I was going to try and do better huh?  Yeah right.

I'm going to try and catch up the past 3 weeks:

Monday, Jan 9 through Sat, Jan 14.  I'm guessing a little here for the weekday workouts.  But I'm sure it's close to this:  Mon. core/lift   Tues. run 3  Wed.  swam for 30 minutes (then played with Havyn in the pool).  Thurs. nothing (had a cold)  Friday nothing  Saturday- did a slow 8 miler on the road (approx 10.5 min/mile). went slow due to being sick.

Monday Jan 16 to Saturday Jan 21
Monday- climbed Baldy mtn early in the morning.  It was Martin Luther day so had day off.  2 neighbor boys- Dallin and Brad suggested that we do it.  I thought it was cool that these young men would get up for something like this in the cold on a day off.  I stayed up pretty late playing at Massey's and go home at 2 a.m. and didn't sleep til 3:00a.m.  So, the 8:00a.m. start was tough.  I struggled and couldn't climb fast due to the 8 miler on Saturday, no sleep, and still getting over the cold.  But it was fun.  Total distance was 7 miles.  About 1/2 mile from the pike, it started snowing and the wind was howling.  A lot of ice on the back side due to shade; kind of like a little blizzard at the top.  On the way down, the new snow covered the ice patches... so, was fun watching the other 3 sliding/slipping, etc. that 1/2 mile!! Wish I had my camera.
Tues- nothing...took a break- legs tired
Wed- lift/core 30 min  Ran 30 min (3 miles)
Thurs- Raquetball for 2 hrs
Friday- Nothing- laziness I guess?
Sat- 4 miles/indoor track (rain).  Ran out of time due to going to Jazz game.

Jan 23 to Jan 28
Mon- lift/core 30 min.  Run 3 miles (30 min)
Tues- nothing
Wed- 20 min on stationary bike followed by 2 mile run (20 min) on indoor track
Thurs- raquetball 2 1/2 hrs
Fri- lift/core 40 min, run 2 miles (20 min) on indoor track
Sat- did 8 road miles @ moderate pace

There... up to date and feels good to get it logged in.  This week: continue to build core/muscle and good runs.
Lace 'em up! Chainsaw

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