Sunday, January 8, 2012

Long lost friend

Well-  It's been a while.  I have a 100 miler this year to do.  I sent in for Wasatch 100... hope to get draw for it.  Will find out beginning of February.  If not, I will find another one.

Also, hoping and planning on doing a sprint triathlon with Kynia.  Not only will it be fun, but it will help me to cross train and to not just overdo my running.

Other goals for the year.... marathon in June- hoping for Utah Valley Marathon, and probably one other race for training purposes.  It will depend on which 100 I'll do... but would like to do a 50 a few months before the 100.

I'm going to do better at posting once a week to help keep me honest and report on the prior weeks results.  It's nice to have the start of a new year also be the start of the training season.  Here go's it:

Monday- 3 mile run (in mountains).  This was a test run following some medical concerns that kept me from running for about 2 weeks (long run got up to 12 miles in beginning of December, so I feel like I'm starting over).

Tuesday- 1 hour weight room

Wednesday- 3 mile run (easy pace on track) with Kynia.  We dropped Alyxis off for B-Ball practice and so while she was in the gym, we decided to go run in the dark and cold around track.  Was enjoyable!

Thursday- 30 min weight room followed by 2 miles (easy pace) on indoor track.

Friday- 30 min swim (followed by swimming with Havyn for 1 1/2 hour... was fun!).  Swimming was done on short lanes--- I don't like the short lanes.

Saturday- 7.6 mile run (in mountains).  I did this with an easy pace.  From my home to the dry canyon trailhead, then to Kiwanis Park in P.G. as the turnaround and back.  Had snow on parts of the trail, but mostly clear trails.  Deer count: 4

Lace 'em up! Chainsaw

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