Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just 4 wheel'n

Here's how the week went:

Wednesday- no YM/scouts due to campout. So, did 6 miles heat training right after work.  It was hot but the running felt good!

Friday- 3 mile run barefoot (with Vibrams of course).  Hoping to implement and run in them at least once a week for foot strength and a kind reminder how I should run.  Can home and cleaned the downstairs carpets with a rented Rug Doc.

Saturday- Busy day... did all the upstairs carpets, got the 4 wheelers ready for the first time this year!  Havyn, Suzie, and I went for a ride up by Strawberry.  There are still tons of wildflowers all over the place.  It was the start of one of the bow hunts, so we saw lots of camping groups.  Havyn was excited to see: cows, horses, 2 deer... one of them right in the road in front of us and was a spike, and a moose!  We stopped by Heber and got a slushy and some Wendy's. It was a great/fun ride!  Note: Kynia was working at Seven Peaks and Lexy was with Grandma Sue for the day doing back to school shopping, as their tradition.  I mentioned to Suzie that we should go to a movie since I knew Havyn would crash early tonight (she was falling asleep on the 4 wheeler).  But we missed all the 7 shows and didn't want to go to the 9 shows since we'd both probably fall asleep.  So, I decided to go on a run.  I did 4 miles... saw 3 deer.  1 momma and 2 baby deer crossing the trail  right before dusk.
Deer count for the day: 5.
Lace 'em Up!  Chainsaw

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