Monday, May 30, 2011

Snow in June?

Well, starting from the old post date... ran the 6.5 mile loop on Wednesday, May 18... then on Thursday... LAKE POWELL TRIP!!  Yeah, baby!  The weather was a little cold on Thursday, Friday a little better, but Saturday was great.  Side story... on Friday, we (went with the Dave Massey family) were wakeboarding in the morning/early afternoon hour... decided to go fill up boat with gas and go to the Bullfrog marina.  Literally, right when we were pulling in, it started to rain softly... right after we pulled into a covered open boat doc (you know, a spot that people pay to keep their house boats in) and it just poured... I'm talking hail and heavy rain pouring... it was so loud hitting off of the aluminum/steel roof structure... it was just crazy how well we had timed that.  It would have been ugly if we would have been stuck in the open water.  Anyway, came home on Sunday with sun and rain both making their presence known.

Monday Rich and I ran our 6.5 trail course (I was tired... from no sleep to the workout that wakeboarding does to your legs).  Deer count 12.

Tuesday, we lifted.  Wednesday we ran our 6.5 miles... found out Rich will not be running Squaw Peak 50 with me... it will be weird running it alone since we've spent the last 5-6 months doing ALL of our training & runs together... but I don't blame him.  He's got his priorities correct.  Deer count: 10

Thursday- had a meeting in Salt Lake most of the day, so didn't do anything...  Friday, we ran our 6.5 course... deer count... I forget.  The grass along our course is getting taller... so our shoes get soaked with dew/rain remains.  We stayed down at the Massey's home really late/early... got home at 3 am... I didn't/couldn't sleep until about 4 a.m.  That will help explain why I didn't run on Saturday.

Saturday... was supposed to run.  Didn't.  Crap.  But I did do a nice job doing a speed lawn mowing job... it did provide some exercise ;)  For anyone who knows my backyard.. you know it's big with a lot of grass and some hills to push the mower up... so it is a workout to an extent.  Suzette and I went to Source Code at 9:45... I fell asleep right at the end for about the last 10 minutes, oops!
Sunday- church.  Taught the last lesson for 4 of the 18 yr old young men that will be moving on... best wishes for their future.

Monday, May 30.  Memorial Day.  Holiday!! No work!!  Woke up to see snow remnants in the green grass stalks this morning and also on some cars left outside.  That's crazy that it snowed... almost into June!  It's been raining off and on the past 2 days. While I ran the 6.5 miles along (no Rich), it started raining and even a little snow for a bit.  My shoes were soaked when I got home.  Deer count: 0

While on the 6.5 run, I  saw the race director for this Saturday's Squaw Peak 50 run... he mentioned that parts of the original course (he had to change the course) probably got another 15-20 inches of new snow over the past couple of days. Glad he changed it- but also a little let down...would have just added to the challenge but there's parts with safety ropes during the 'normal' years... can't imagine how it would be trying to summit some of those mountains with the ton of snow there is. Don't worry, he said the new course for this year has more elevation change than the original course and he expects a higher runner drop rate since the locations will be more accessible/convenient for runners to drop out at. Hope I'm not one of them.
 This week will be light running.. maybe like an easy 5 on Wednesday with lifting on Tuesday and nothing Thursday and Friday... gotta tapper for the 50.

Lace 'em up!  Chainsaw

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