Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beach running & 30 miler

Sunday- This first week of May found us in Cali.  We drove straight through and got to our condo (which just happened to be right on the beach... don't know how that happened).  I did a lot of walking all week long at Disneyland.  I did a morning run of 6 miles on Tuesday and then a 8-9 miler on Friday.  On the 6 miler, I ran half on the sidewalk that went along the coast and then did the final half on the harder sand by the ocean.  I did all of the 8-9 miles along the water on the harder packed sand.  It was great!! Wish I could run along the coast everyday- loved the calm waves and cool breeze.  Pretty good week away from some of the madness called life.

The following week... ran Monday and Wednesday; and lifted on Tuesday & Thursday with 30 miles scheduled for Saturday.  Okay, that was the plan.  We ended up running 6.5 on Monday, lifted Tuesday and Wednesday, and then ran 30 on Thursday (Rich couldn't run on Saturday).  I was really dreading the 30 since the last long run I had I.T. problems and hadn't ran tons since then. Rich and I ended up starting at 4:15 and got done at 11:15.  Gotta say, I was excited... we both ran strong and at the end we both could have kept going... If Squaw Peak 50 miler was that day, we could have done it.  Big confidence booster for me in myself, but also for Rich believing in me. Had a little dehydration that hit us (my fault... ran out of water on loop part from mile 10 to 20... Rich sacrificed some of his water to get me through but he ran out too), but the weather was perfect.  Deer count around 10.  We ran/fast hiked/walked the last 10 in the dark.

Friday- Felt good with just a little soreness but stomach not really happy.  Was up about every hour Thursday night...heartburn, etc.  We didn't do anything but try and recover.

Saturday- I got a free spot in the Walk to Run Charity 5k...so I did it.  Honestly, I was more sore on Saturday morning than Friday.  My leg muscles just screamed at me the whole 3 miles!  I didn't push it too hard... ended up running it in 26 minutes with a 8:30 per mile (going from memory).  Then I went down to Utah Lake to take a few Wake Boarding runs to get ready for Lake Powell trip.  Water was cold, but I was warm in my wetsuit.  The legs were still very sore, so I didn't go too long or push it too much.

Monday, May 16, 2011- lifted.  Tuesday- we were supposed to run, but got up and was raining and very cold.  Looks like there's going to be tons of snow still for Squaw Peak 50... probably about 10-12 miles, yikes.
The plan is to run tomorrow... we'll see.

Lace 'em up! Chainsaw

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