Saturday, April 30, 2011

Can you say "I.T. Band"?

We ended up doing a 23 mile run on Saturday.. I'll make it short just to say the weather was great but my I.T. Band wasn't.  About mile 14-15 it really started to hurt.  At one of the cars with 6 miles left to go, Rich asked me if I wanted to stop and cut it short... should've said yes.  Had to walk, power walk and do a shuffle run to finish.  But I DID finish!  The best part was that it didn't knock me on my butt later like I thought it would... thought stairs, etc. would be bad the next few days.  Honestly, iced my knees well, rolled them out, took a shower, more ice, and Advil did the trick.

Monday- lifted at gym
Tuesday-lifted at gym

Wednesday- got up at 5:15 a.m. and did our 6.5 mile run... deer were everywhere.  Maybe now that it's lighter on our runs, I'm just able to see more.  Deer count: 45ish

Thursday lifted at gym
Friday- plan for the weekend was to run 10 on Friday night and then 15 on Saturday.  We ended up doing a different trail to avoid the pavement... Didn't have GPS so we estimated we ended up running 8-9 miles.  But it was a tough 8-9 with some very steep hills/sections.  Deer everywhere again!  Deer count: 30

Saturday (today)- woke up to tons of snow... we decided not to go slush through mud, so we went to gym and lifted.  It was a tough/longer sessions, but good.  Feeling strong!  This will help during the long runs ahead.

Lace 'em up!  Chainsaw

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