Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Man I am crappy at this blogging thing.  Here's the quick catch up from last week...
Wednesday- core/weight lifting work
Thursday- Run at 5:15.. did regular run in foothills doing  6 1/2
Friday- we bagged it... scheduling between the two just wasn't working

Saturday-  We ran 20 miles... started at 5a.m. so I'd be done at 10:00 for Suzie to go into work.  It was a tough run... very cold and dark at first... warmed up just enough where it was a perfect temp by the end (after taking off a shirt layer at mile 14 at the water tower/car parking lot-  we loaded up on food and drink!!).  I ran out of water and perpetuem early (started sipping slowly around mile 7 to make it last but ran out around mile 10), so I was feeling just a tad dehydrated.  After getting new fluids at car... kind of got bloated and tough to run for the first 3 it being more uphill than down didn't help. Course we did: ran 12 miles loop...started at water tower, ran down on payment for the first 5ish miles to Mt. Timp park and then up the fire roads over to Gizzly hill.... down and back up Grizzly was brutal and just hiked back up... footing is very loose rocks.  Went through blue rock valley (ran past 4 sleeping bags just laying in the open next to the trail- they must have been cold with the frost coming down on them in the morning... I was talking really loud before seeing them, so I probably woke them up... I'm sure they were thinking, who the crap was up on the trails running this early!?!?!).  Recovery: actually felt overall pretty good on the run... muscles a little sore after (Suzy made a comment of how stiff I looked when I was walking down the stairs), but overall muscle recovery was okay... that's why I love trail running.  I was pretty nauseous and had heart burn for the rest of the day... but this always happens after a long run, so pretty normal.  Deer count: around 20

Monday- no rest for the wicked... we got up at 5:15 and ran 6 1/2 in hills.
Tuesday- did bodywork during my lunch hours
Wednesday- raining hard (plus cold) outside, so did 70 minutes on the treadmill at Elevate doing the 5 min walk at 10 incline at 3 speed and alternated with 0 incline, 6 speed run.  Rich and I both commented that this was tough to do... running inside on treadmill, after so much time running outside.  I did use my Ipod though, which was nice just to zone out to good tunes.

Lace 'em up!  Chainsaw


  1. you know it's gonna be a good post when it's titled "Crap". good job Daddy :) keep it up!

  2. Wow...amazing! Or should I say CRAZY! lol...Seriously though, nice work!

  3. Thanks Kynia!

    Angie- you R doing P90X? How's that going... heard that tough. I think we do a lot of that same stuff on our workout/gym days. Keep it up if u r!

  4. Ya, Ric and I just started doing it (me for the 2nd time, and Ric for the 1st time...he's a wimp, lol...jk). Bodies are in pain, but it's a good pain, and even after 3 days I can see results. Hope we can keep it up for 90! My workout seems like NOTHING compared to yours though. ;)