Saturday, April 9, 2011

snow, snow, snow

Thursday- our schedules just didn't work out so we bagged our lifting day.

Weekend plan- planned on running 10 miles on Friday night, starting at 7:30 followed by 20 miles Saturday morning starting at 5:00 to help us get used to running on tired legs.

Well, we did our regular 6-7 miles route, but started it backwards.  It snowed the whole time... it really got bad when it was dark, so visibility was already bad, but then with the snow hitting us in our faces, we decided to cut the run short at 7 miles... also, the trails were very muddy with puddles so our feet were soaked which caused us to get a little cold.  Deer count: 4

Saturday- everything started well... until we stepped out of our car.  The plan was to do the same route as last week... so started at Water Tower.  But just like Friday night... it snowed the whole time.  Since the first 4-5 miles is on pavement, no problem.  But once we got on the trails, it again got muddy and tough to run when avoiding puddles.  There were some nice spots where the trail/road was gravel, which didn't cause mud...also, some nice spots when just running in fresh layer of snow.  We could have mustered up the strength to continue, but we were both feeling pretty fatigued and just decided to stop at 10.  No complaints from me.
Deer count: 7  oh, add 2 more... saw 2 in my backyard around 11:00.

Lace 'em up!  Chainsaw

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