Thursday, April 21, 2011

YESSSSS!!! Week off

Well, after the 7 miles on Friday and 10 on Saturday from a almost 2 weeks ago... here's what I've done since.

Monday thru Friday-  I didn't do jack crap and loved it.  Rich was out of town for spring break.  I'd like to think of this time as planned tappering.

Saturday (April 16)- we did a 17 mile run along most of our regular long course route.  The weather was great!  Started at 5:30 and finished around 9:00ish.  I felt good during the run and recovered fairly well.  Deer count: 8

Monday- did leg, core, and upper body work.  We did a sushi lunch at Harmon's Grocery Store... was actually good, but Rich said it's probably only a C.  I've got to go to a place sometime with an A rating... can't wait!

Tuesday- I bailed on the early morning run... tired and looked like it was raining.  I might have to just run in the rain sometime... but I'll wait for it to get warmer first.

Wednesday- leg, core, and upper body work again (pull ups, sit ups on inclined bench, etc.).  We did an interesting exercise.  I put my feet in the TRX straps about a foot off the ground in push up position...however, then I walked back on my hands slowly with my feet going up into the air until I am  close to being vertical standing on my hands (can't get completely vertical or would probably fall over) and then doing push ups in that position... again, like a hand stand and then bending arms so head is close to ground and then pushing body back up.  It was very tough and balancing is a bit tricky.... it was cool to be able to do it 3 times for my first try.  Not too shabby.

Thursday (today)- got up to run at 5:15... started around 5:30 though, compliments of Rich being late... we did our hill course of 6 1/2 miles.  Only having to run the first 30 minutes in the dark, which is nice.  Weather was still a little chilly, but good for a run.  Felt okay, but legs were still a little tired from the leg workout from yesterday.  Deer count: 4

The plan is to take tomorrow off (Rich can't meet in the day due to an event at UVU) and we were thinking of either doing 10 miles Friday night followed by 15 miles on Saturday morning... but my parents are doing an Easter Egg hunt on Friday night, so we are going to try and run 25 miles on Saturday (if we don't run out of time).  This will be a good test of our endurance and nutrition level and our energy replacement while we run.

Lace 'em up!  Chainsaw

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