Sunday, March 18, 2012


Monday, May 5-  core/weights 35 min
Tues.- nothing    Wednesday- core/weights 40 min followed by 20 min (2 mi) run
Thurs- nothing   Friday- nothing
Saturday- 14 mile run.  felt pretty good overall... sore after though (to be expected).  Beautiful day for a run!  Lexy's team beat the other Oak Canyon team handily

Monday, May 12- core/weights 1 hour. 
Tuesday- 4 mile run... this was an adventure.  It was 10:30 at night when I decided I really needed a run.  So, I got my headlamp and headed out (with my wife telling me I was dumb).  I ran from home to the water tanks and up that dirt road going into the mountains.  I won't lie...It was a little freaky... the clouds were low on the mountain tops and it was very quiet except for the owl that I could hear.  It did help me run a little quicker though.
Wednes-  Kynia's BDAY!  Can't believe I have a kid out of her teenage years...20!  Wow...  I did weights/core for 40 min.  Also, Lexy's last Bball game... they played the winner of the loser's bracket, which was the other Oak Canyon team again (they played Tuesday night and won by 2 pts in overtime).  They played great!  The final score was 52-2.  They 2 pts was from 2 free throws.  kind of sad, but the other team didn't make one basket the whole game.  That's just how good they were.  We went and got dinner at Subway on the way home.
Thursday- 5 miles   Again, at night, I went and ran at the dirt track behind Orchard Elem. School.
Friday- 40 min weights/core, followed by 2 mile run on indoor track.
Saturday-  I started planning on running from water tank to battlecreek and back... 8 miles.  Along the way I met and chatted with Gary Wood.  Very nice man who has done Squaw about 9 times.  He knows a lot of the local Ultra running community (marc Sanderson, etc.).  Told me about another trail...also, he has set up trail camera's and has seen cougars, bears, etc. Crazy to think and know that they are all over in the mountains above us!  He said he'd be at the finish line at Wasatch... I hope to see him there (meaning that I finish).  I only did 6 miles... I was feeling very fatigued.  Probably from doing something everyday this week... It's good as I've got to pick my training up.

Lace 'em up!  Chainsaw

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