Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring and girls Bball

Monday, Feb 20- Did a 1,000 meter swim at pool.
Tues-  40 min. lift/core, followed by 2 mi run (20 Min)
Wed- nothing
Thurs-  Did 20 min. warm up walk (1 mi), then 35 min lift/core, then 2 mi run (20 min)
Fri- nothing
Saturday- Did 9 mi of hill work (mostly hike uphill and run downhill)-- this was 2 hrs total workout time.

Monday, Feb 27- nothing
Tuesday- nothing
Wednesday 40 min. lift/core followed by 2 mi run (20 min)
Thursday- nothing
Fri- Did 5 miles on the treadmill.  Note: my treadmill is on a 1.5 incline, so the times don't quite match up to what distance I do.  This was a 60 min run with about a 10 min walk afterwards.
Sat- Ran 8 miles in hills-- was very muddy and lots of snow.  I was running towards PG, but due to very, very mushy trail I turned after only going about 1 mi after dry canyon parking lot. But the trail from/to the water tower was good overall.  So, that was about a 4.5 out and back.  Then I ran up the fire road... at the top it was soft snow that I ran for about 3/4 miles on.  Reminded me how much I like running in good snow.  I was hoping to do a 13-14 mi run this weekend, but settled on the 5 Friday night late followed by the 8.  Deer count: 0

I've got to get out and get more training done.... spring is coming, so that will help.  So will the end of tax season.  Personal note:  Lexy's Bball 7-8th grade team won their first playoff game (I coached...or to say, I sat on the bench and did the sub'ing) like 75-13 against Provo team.  This Sat they won 60-9...the other team scored those 9 in the first half.  This week they play the other Oak Canyon team that's pretty good, so should be fun.  Lex scored about 20 pts the 1st rd and about 16-18 this Sat.

Lace 'em up!  Chainsaw

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