Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Jimmer is the man!  What a great game knocking off Gonzaga... I'm sure the West Coast Conference is crapping their pants with BYU entering their Basketball world.  Good luck against Florida.

Last Thursday, we did an hour of treadmill work (5 min run and 5 min hike at an incline of 10).  Friday we did core work at Elevate... Dave Runnells joined us... 3 circuit of Tri work, did the straps with pushups, etc.

Saturday... ended up doing 18 miles in the hills with 4 others, so 6 of us total (6 a.m. to 10 a.m.... took about 4 hours... I could run about 24 miles on the road in the same amount of time which shows the difference between trail running and road running).  Started at the water tower and ran down to 800 east, to Cascade Golf and down to Provo River Trail.  At Mt. Timp park we went up hill and went to about Nunns Park, then went uphill through Blue Rock valley and then back onto fire road and back to water tower...that was about 10 miles.  We had parked our car at this junction so we could eat, refill water, change or discard clothes etc.  Rich had bought some Coke- aaahhhh!! tasted good to take a swig.  Also, changed my socks to get a fresh pair and avoid any blistering.  We then headed along the Great Western trail over to the P.G. area.  Got a little tiring on the way back, but I could have ran another 2-4 miles... felt really good and body was numb or in the zone... one or the other.  Weather was great!  Just a little cool, but warm when running.  First 6 miles was in the dark.

Funny thing... this 18 was easier than the 14 miler from last week.  Deer count: about 8

Monday- did the 5:30- 7:00 a.m. standard run... was a little tough getting the legs moving after the 18 on Saturday.
Tuesday- We did some core work in the gym... did it during my lunch break and only had an hour.  I did 50 bench reps with 135 lbs... did 6 sets of 7 with 1 set of 8.

Lace 'em up!  Chainsaw

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