Thursday, March 3, 2011


Kind of got busy last night going with the Young Men/ Young Womens group to the Carl Blach Art Exhibit at BYU last night.  It was very inspiring... very gifted man with his many paintings of Jesus Christ.

Wednesday... we did the 6 1/2 mile trail run at 5:30 a.m.  Again, we saw about 25 deer along the run.  It's fun seeing the sun start coming up a few minutes earlier every time we run.  We were able to increase our pace from Mondays run by about 1 minute per mile...  so was able to do that run about 6 minutes faster than Mondays run (We had also done Mondays run about 3 minutes faster than our first run).  So, our legs and lungs are starting to adapt.  It was just a touch warmer... still close to freezing, but we could tell the trails were a little softer on the feet.

This morning, we headed to the gym at 5:15 (okay, okay... 5:20- I was late picking up Rich by 'accidentally hitting my snooze button).  We did a core workout again... stretch/warm up and ball transfers to start, then we did 3 sets of 20 pull ups (lay on your stomach on an inclined bench that rolls up and down- you grab a bar like you would on a regular pull up), 3 sets of 30 lat extensions/pulls on each side with a 45 pound dumb-bell (no, not you Rich), and then did 3 sets of 10 bench presses (35 weight on each side, so total of 115 pounds) with 20 'raise to heavens' (on back on bench and hold hands behind head and raise legs up toward the ceiling onto your upper back).  I felt really good on the bench, so I did a 4th set with 15 reps.  We tried doing some regular pull ups... but I could only do a few and Rich could do a few more than me... so basically, are arms were just spent and we couldn't do it.  So, we did some bicep dips on a bench, just one set of 20, and called it a day.

All these early mornings have worn me out, so I suggested to Rich that we skip our swim workout on Friday morning, which Rich quickly agreed to (which surprised me a little).  He did say our 12 mile run on Saturday is going to be rough, so a rest day would be good.  My hamstrings have been really tight all week...from running the hills, so I am going to try and just go for a slow run, maybe even walk, some at the gym tomorrow to loosen them up a little.

Lace 'em up!  Chainsaw

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