Saturday, March 12, 2011

Slacker time

Okay, Rich couldn't go Wednesday morning so we skipped.  I started feeling sick throughout the day Wednesday with the cold/flu bug.  So, we skipped for me on Thursday.  Friday, Rich couldn't go in the morning.  So, 3 days off!  It was good since I'm still fighting the bug and it's the type that's putting pressure in my skull, so workouts would probably not be too good.  We did watch the BYU game Friday night...and will all the jumping around and yelling we did, that could be considered a workout, right? (BYU beat N. Mexico and Jimmer had 52!!  What a game to see!).

I was a little worried how I would hold up on a long run, not fully recouped yet.  We got up at 6:00 to run...Rich had a few others that were going to run with us (Also, Rich's B-Day--- what an old man!).  Turned out to be like 11 of us total.  We started at the Watertower and did single track trail running with plenty of hills (first 2 miles is part of our midweek training runs) for about 7-8 miles (about 5 runners turned around at 6 miles and headed back) and then ran on the street for about 1 mile to connect to the canal road (dirt, yes!) in P.G.  I was feeling good, but the canal road is very rocky (me no likee) and fairly running 7 miles like that is a lot different than the hill running we are used to running.  The last 2-3 miles I really started feeling it in my feet and head (I should have taken a few advil pre-run).  We finished at Rich's house after 14 miles which felt like 18.  The nicest thing about the run was the weather was very nice!  Just a little cool for most of the run.  Bring on spring!  I'll be wishing for fall when running this summer I'm sure.

Deer count:  around 30-35. 

Came home and crashed for a few hours... gotta do some chores (like check facebook, tell Alyxis jobs to do, tough stuff like that) and get ready for the BYU Mtn West Championship game at 5:00.  Go Jimmer!!! (and Cougs too).

Lace 'em Up! Chainsaw

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